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Set up a Developer-Controlled Wallet

You successfully established a developer-controlled wallet using the Programmable Wallet system. This wallet gives you full control and flexibility over your users' wallets, ensuring a secure and frictionless experience.

Interacted with USDC and CCTP Contracts

Using your newly created wallet, you seamlessly interacted with the USDC and CCTP contracts. This enabled you to initiate and monitor USDC transfers, ensuring transparency and control over the process.

Completed USDC Mint on Fuji

To finalize the USDC minting process on the Fuji testnet, you called Circle's attestation service. This step ensures the successful creation and verification of USDC tokens on Fuji.

Time well spent

The most amazing part? You achieved all of this in just


Think about all the things you can do! If you've done this much already, imagine what else you can achieve. The web3 world is waiting for your new ideas and efforts.

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