Converting the Entity Secret to Ciphertext & registration

Now that you've generated your unique Entity Secret, let's take the next pivotal step. We'll be converting this secret into a Ciphertext and registering it. Once that's out of the way, you'll be primed to create your first wallet. Exciting, isn't it?

Fetch your entity's public key

The first thing you'll need is your entity's public key, accessible through our APIs with the help of your API key. This key is pivotal: it's the tool that will encrypt your Entity Secret, ensuring its contents remain between you and us, and no one else.

Fetch public key

Try it out:Fetching your public key

Encrypt the Entity Secret with RSA and encode it to base64

Once you have the public key, you'll use RSA encryption to secure your Entity Secret. Immediately after, you'll transform this encrypted data into the Base64 format. This resultant Ciphertext, exactly 684 characters long, ensures the data remains intact and interpretable when received.

The code provided will take care of generating a unique Entity Secret Ciphertext everytime it is executed.

Encrypt your Entity Secret

const forge = require('node-forge')

const entitySecret = forge.util.hexToBytes('YOUR_ENTITY_SECRET')
const publicKey = forge.pki.publicKeyFromPem('YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY')
const encryptedData = publicKey.encrypt(entitySecret, 'RSA-OAEP', {
  mgf1: {

Try it out:Generate Entity Secet Ciphertext

Registering the Entity Secret Ciphertext

After ensuring the Entity Secret's safety, it's time to register the resulting Ciphertext in our Web3 Services Console. This crucial step authenticates your data, setting the stage for every interaction that follows with our Developer-Controlled Wallets.

Register your Entity Secret Ciphertext

During registration, a recovery file will be presented. This is crucial. Should you ever misplace your Entity Secret, this file is your lifeline. Store it in a safe and accessible place.

Guarding your secrets & building trust

Successfully navigating this processs not only secures your Entity Secret but also cements a foundation of trust for operations with our developer controlled wallets. We value your data's security and aim for a frictionless experience.

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