Validating your transaction

After initiating a transaction through our API, you'll be able to look up the transaction hash in our Web3 Services Console. It's a unique identifier for your transaction. View transactions

Transactions can be validated in multiple ways:

Web3 Services Console: This is the preferred method. It enables you to inspect the transaction state directly.

Blockchain Explorer: By using the transaction hash or wallet id, you can view the transaction state on a blockchain explorer.

Validating via the Web3 Services Console

  • 1

    Login to the Console

    Make sure you're logged into our Web3 Services Console.

  • 2

    Navigate to List of Transactions

    Open up your developer controlled wallets transactions section. Open Transactions Table

    You will be able to see the state of your transaction directly in the table.

    List of transactions
  • 3

    Open Transaction Details

    For further details about your transaction, simply click on the relevant line in the transaction details; abundant information awaits.

Validating via a blockchain explorer

  • 1

    Choose a Blockchain Explorer

    Depending on the blockchain your token resides on, select a suitable explorer.

  • 2

    Input your Transaction Hash or Wallet Id

    On the explorer's main page, there's a search bar. Paste your transaction hash or wallet id there and search. You can find the transactionHash or the wallet id in your list of transactions.

  • 3

    Review Details

    Whether you provide a wallet ID or transaction hash, details regarding your wallet and the associated transactions will be visible. This includes particularities of each transaction such as the number of confirmations and the gas used, letting you verify that all aligns with your expectations.

    Blockchain explorer

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