Get Ready for User-Controlled Wallets

What we want to achieve

We will create and initalize a new user and slip into their role to initiate a transaction. For both steps we need specific parameters. These parameters are crucial for initializing a user session and later confirm the transaction, and they serve as the building blocks of your app's functionality.

Here is a quick overview:

  • App ID

    The App ID is your application's unique identifier. It serves as a distinct label that sets your application apart from others.

  • Encryption Key and User Token

    They are created when you initiate a user session. The user token is the session identifier, and the encryption key is an encryption and decryption key that is randomly generated to ensure the security of the session.

  • Challenge ID

    The Challenge ID acts as an identifier that corresponds to a specific challenge. A challenge prompts your users to take specific actions, such as confirming transactions or executing smart contracts.

In the next few steps, we explain what these parameters are and how to acquire them!

Getting your App ID

First up is the App ID. Your App ID serves as a key component that allows you to configure and tailor your User-Controlled Wallet integration.

You can make a request to the following API endpoint to obtain your App ID:

Get App ID

Try it out:Get App ID

You can also find the App ID directly in the Web3 Services Console.

Open the Developer Console and navigate to the User-Controlled Wallets section of the console. Here, you'll find various configuration settings related to your User-Controlled Wallet integration, simply select the configurator tab to view your App ID.

🎉 Great job, we have now acquired the first parameter we need. Let's head over to the next page to get the other parameters!

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