Check the wallet status

Now that the end-user has successfully set up their PIN and defined their recovery method, we can proceed to check if the wallet creation was successful. Below are the key values that will be returned and their meanings:

Response explained

  • Address

    The end-users wallet address is a unique identifier generated during wallet creation. It is used for sending, receiving, and storing digital assets on a blockchain network. It serves as the destination for cryptocurrency transactions, verifying ownership of the specific digital wallet.

  • Blockchain

    This field specifies the testnet blockchain (network) for which the wallet was created.

  • Create Date

    The timestamp indicates when the wallet was created.

  • CustodyType

    CustodyType refers to who controls the private key invocation, whether it is the end-user or the developer. In the case of user-controlled wallets, the custody type is user-controlled, granting the end-user full control over their private keys.

  • ID

    The unique ID assigned to the wallet.

  • State

    The state reflects the current status of the wallet and can be either "live" or "frozen".

  • WalletSetId

    The WalletSetId indicates the ID of the wallet set. A wallet set represents a collection of wallets managed by a single cryptographic private key. It offers a unified management experience, particularly in the context of supported blockchains. Wallets from different chains can share the same address within a wallet set, especially on EVM chains.

Understanding these returned values will enable you to verify the successful creation of the end-user's wallet and act accordingly within your application.

Request body

  • UserId

    User token of the user you want to check the wallets.

Check Wallet Status

Try it out:Check Wallet Status

🎉 Congratulations on successfully crafting your wallet! This marks a significant milestone in your web3 journey. Now, let's explore the next step: populating your wallets with tokens. Since we're currently operating on Testnet, we'll be using Testnet tokens. To help you with this, we have the Try It Out Box below - a convenient solution to fund your freshly created wallets.

Try it out:Fund your Wallet

If you have successfully set up your wallets you can now proceed to initiate your first transaction!

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