Setting Up Your Testnet API Key with our Web3 Services Console

To truly harness the power of our Web3 Services Platform, you'll need an API key. Think of this key as your personalized handshake with our APIs; it's your passport to Web3 awesomeness.

Testnet vs. Mainnet

Before we dive in, let's distinguish between two crucial concepts: Testnet and Mainnet.


Testnet is your practice field. It's a sandbox environment designed for testing and refining your applications. Here, you can freely experiment and validate your use cases without risking real assets because the transactions do not involve actual digital currencies.


Conversely, Mainnet is the actual playing field. It's the live network where real transactions occur, using real digital currencies. Actions on the Mainnet yield immediate results and deal with actual assets.

While jumping straight into Mainnet might be tempting, it's essential to first validate your use cases in Testnet. This gives you the opportunity to ensure everything works as intended before deploying in a live, real-stakes environment. Transitioning to Mainnet is a breeze once you've thoroughly tested on Testnet.

For the purposes of this tutorial, and to ensure a risk-free learning experience, we'll be focussing on Testnet. The Testnet API key acts as your passport to this sandbox environment.

Creating your restricted Testnet API key

For this guide, you'll be setting up a restricted API key. This key only interacts with User-Controlled Wallets, ensuring safety and simplicity.

  • 1

    Login to the Console

    Make sure you're logged into our Web3 Services Console.

  • 2

    Navigate to API Keys Section

    Open up your API key section and create a new API key through the CTA in the top right corner. Open API Key Section

    List of API keys
  • 3

    Configure your new API key

    Assign a name to your new key, choose Restricted Key and ensure permissions are only set for Programmable Wallets.

    Create new API key form
  • 4

    Copy & Store safely

    Once generated, copy your key and store it safely. This is crucial. We will not be able to show it to you again. Do not share it publicly!

    API key successfully created

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