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Why Create an Account in the Web3 Services Console?

Unlock Innovative Functionality

Embed our wallets into your existing UI to enhance your app's offerings by giving users easy access to USDC, NFTs, and other blockchain-powered technologies.

Empower Users

By setting a unique PIN code, your app's users gain complete sovereignty over their wallets, ensuring their assets are secure and tamper-proof.

Innovative UX

User-controlled smart contract wallets abstract away common user experience challenges, such as private key management and gas fees, by leveraging MPC technology and account abstraction.

Streamline Development

Save time and effort by leveraging our familiar REST APIs and iOS and Android sample apps. Build and deploy users' wallets and send transactions with ease.

Before we dive in, there's a special feature we'd like to introduce that can significantly enhance your learning and experimenting experience: our "Try It Out" components.

What are "Try it out" components?

Our "Try It Out" components provide you with an interactive environment where you can directly test API requests in the simplest way possible, without the need for additional tools or platforms.

How does it work?

As you navigate through the tutorial, you'll notice certain steps come with a "Try It Out" option. All you need to do is input the necessary details into the provided fields and send the request. You'll receive instant feedback and can see how the request would function in a real-world setting.

Please note that the input parameters of the 'Try It Out' component may differ from those of the actual endpoint.

Your data and your security

Your data's security is our utmost priority. When using our "Try It Out" components, data is only stored within the context of the current page. This means a simple page refresh clears all input information and removes it. It's therefore a secure, risk-free environment for you to play around in.

However, if you still have concerns about security or simply don't wish for certain details to be used in any manner, you're not obliged to use this feature. It's an additional offering and in no way mandatory.

Upon completing this tutorial, you also have the option to delete your API key should you choose to do so.

Excited to get started?

Sign up with your email address and unlock instant access to the Web3 Services Console today! Say goodbye to upfront fees and contract negotiations, as we offer a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model that starts at pennies per wallet and scales as your user base expands. Embark on an incredible journey towards decentralized experiences now!

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